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  • Data Resources in Europe and America
    Information Technology Development, Disaster Prevention and Reduction, Medical Health, Manufacturing Industry, Urban Development, Environmental and Resource in Europe and America
    Date: 09 August, 2018
  • Publications
    The latest scientific and technical documents of the world's leading engineering and technical publishers
    Date: 09 May, 2017
  • Top College Textbooks
    Europe and the United States professional courses, teaching materials (including name, author, publishing house) and other data
    Date: 09 May, 2017
  • International Engineering Sciences Symposium
    Provide latest international engineering sciences symposium list
    Date: 10 May, 2017
  • Global Engineering Experts
    Collecting of global engineering expert information
    Date: 10 May, 2017
  • Global Governments Open Dataset
    Governments Open Dataset from US, UK, India, Singapore, Australia
    Date: 10 April, 2017
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